Moved to Rocking Your Path. Come Visit.

Still have boxes to unpack and some tweaking to do, but for all intents and purposes, we have moved into our new website home over at Rocking Your Path. Click here to go directly there. Once everything needed over at Rocking Your Path, we're going [Continue reading...]

New Rocking Your Path website coming and I got an award!

Hey, Everyone. Exciting news here at 56 Vibes headquarters. We're moving the site to a brand new web address sometime this week.  The new URL will be: If you check it too early, you'll just get a busy-body [Continue reading...]

Are you multi-tasking yourself right out of time?

Busy. No doubt about it. We are busy. Life for most of us seems to run at an ever increasingly frantic pace. So much to do. People to see. Responsibilities to fulfill. Commitments to keep. Relationships to manage. Children to raise. Bills to [Continue reading...]

Overwhelmed desk = overwhelmed feelings?

What does your desk environment look like? Does it add to your feelings of overwhelm and frustration? The answer for many people is ... YES! Yet, for many others, the state of their cluttered desks and offices just ... is. They've grown [Continue reading...]

Replacement key to judging your self-worth

Sure, common convention maintains that you should never determine your self-worth by comparing yourself to others. You tell yourself not to. But you do. Sometimes. Maybe more often than you care to admit. Hard not to some days Like on [Continue reading...]